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08 Tips for You When Hunting

Hunting is not only a military skills since ancient times but also an important part of life in ancient times and the Middle Ages. In terms of the military, target shooting skills can be applied when the damage is very high. Hunting is also featured prominently in the mythology of many cultures. Although in today’s modern life, hunting is only a sport in locations allowed by the government. (Because of indiscriminate hunting led to the extinction many species, the world’s governments should also have measures to minimize this issue), but not so, that this subject is prohibited one completely. On the other hand, for those passionate about this subject, there are still ways, places so that they can play. Even these people also equip themselves with expensive equipment like bows and arrows, guns, or boots (you can find the best hunting boots read more in some reputed shops if you want).

We would like to affirm that: while writing this chapter, we do not mean to discourage encourages you to learn to hunt to find and kill the wild beast (that day the more rare and almost extinct in world’s forests) to make the bait get drunk, to sell or even just for entertainment, etc. The method and the experience which we guide you in the article. This is to show you the application in case of emergency, find food to be able to survive in the wilderness. This is a very important chapter in the survival, because if in the wild that you don’t search out food, then that’s hard to survive.

TIP 1: How to Hunt Properly And Professional

From the beginning, hunting is the most important job of the human species to search food. It occupies almost the entire time. With rudimentary weapons, the wisdom and courage, people were fighting and killing these species of beast to large and aggressive to have food that survive. Gradually, the hunted turns into a the measure of experience, wisdom and courage. Nowaday, even hunting continues to be played as a modern competitive sports popular. One hunter is more fun, make a lot of food, it will be everyone’s respect. After this, the rich see hunting as a backpacker and panache. Due to food needs, due to the title animals attack room, due to prevent wild animals, crops ruined by entertainment, etc for a long time people have hunted innocent, leading to many species of wild animals extinct and nearly extinct. Today, they are protected by law. Job hunting the shot could be considered illegal. But if you get stuck in the wilderness, the hunt catching fire is the way almost unique to survive. So you have to know about the art of hunting. The art of the hunt includes an integrated experience accumulated over many generations and many hunting trips. There are two ways of hunting: hunting day and night hunting.

TIP 2: Judge And Make A Decision Quickly

Hunters have never experience they come howling, medium power medium not sure what to eat. In their familiar forest, they know the place would have the birds veterinary.
(Except birds migrating animals, and birds of the local amenity is less when moving too far from the area of his residence). They also know where the birds veterinary ever frequented to feed prey, drinking water, etc. So when you want to hunt the animal type, they can go straight to the that area.
After a few times of hunting in the stranger, you need to remember these points. Maybe today you shot an animal in this area tomorrow, you still can see it loitering in that region.
There are animal species go eat and go the same route, forming the trail as the long cave in under the thick grass as: black lemur, mouse, porcupines, etc. There are also very wary species, never eat at the same places as: deer, otter, gaur, etc and some other large mammals.

TIP 3: Detection And Take the Prey Down

To detect prey, you need to explain the traces by animals leave as is: the footprint, excrement, feathers, mud sticky dyspepsia on the trunk, the tree crushed grass, soil spade, a characteristic aroma, etc or the cries of it. (If not go to the forest more, you can still distinguish the many cries of various animals thanks to have ever seen the movie about animals)
If they are near you, you can hear the dry twigs being broken bikes, leaves, roots, etc being bitten in action, sigh, the dried leaves, fizzing singing so crushed, etc.
If the listen some sound or glade in the forest buds, then surely there are one person or animal to go through (this bird species not in dense forest), or black screaming birds are also very loud mouth. Or bird is eating suddenly fly up a freaking way from concealment.

TIP 4: Approach the Prey So That They Do Not Know

To access to prey, you must know how to deceive, to hide and disguise. There is that you have to know yourself in with the surrounding scenery, from the color to the scent …
  • Always approached his prey below. Animal species very nose, hearing just a little weird is they keep hiding now.
  • Use clay, ash, charcoal, soot, pot, etc obliterate expanding skin spot holes no clothes cover as two hands, two legs, faces, etc.
  • Clothes to color with natural scenery around.
  • Do not carry caps or scarves have showy colors, or the jewelry reflect light the sun (clock, glasses, necklaces, insignia, etc)
  • Do not bring these items easy to sound like: bunch of keys, the average aluminum bowls, metal items, etc.
  • Do not use oils, perfume, smelling substances, etc and also should not smoke.
  • Reach prey from under the direction of the wind, making the loss of smell people by topical paste up the mud.
  • Tries hiding behind the shield to for undetected animals. (Hidden in the low score, the more difficult to detect in the high point, especially the highlights onto the skyline). For the professional hunters, they can approach a number of animal species by making fake calls by the kind of “trumpet” or support tools, or by voice (but note that you must keep the same parody, inevitably would counterproductive). When hearing the calls for this, the birds veterinary idea is kind, this is a time to use the bow to hunt.

TIP 5: Shoot the Prey Down By Guns And Bow

Those not yet familiar hunting, when approaching prey at close range, the heart beats strong, shaking hands, sipping dirty hands sweat, etc. You just breathe in deeply and then breathe out boredom lightly several times to let calm return. If not, then whether you have guns also can still shoot slides not tuberculosis or bows to labels, etc. If there’s a gun, with the big beasts, you take a shot in the head, neck bones, scapula, etc. Below are the weak points of some animal species. If using the bow crossbows, poison, then take the shot in the region near the heart. Like the drug will quickly efficiently.
The animal injured case run, you just follow the critical blood relatives, because if it is, when being intensely pursued, they will hide, and sudden back attack us. Whether you have seen the beast lay dead, also have to be cautious, because we can just pretend, or have final reflection before death, is also very dangerous (for are animals). Be careful approaching slowly in the “be prepared” tried by standing far from throwing rocks at them or take props on the muzzle, legs to knowing they had died. Hunt in night, in addition to vintage looking, the longer you can ambush in places where the birds veterinary often through back, especially the point that traces of them patronized to drink water. Very easy to actively shoot down. But you have to hide under the wind and disguise it.

TIP 6: Hunt the Prey In the Night

Is a very effective way of hunting, but require you to be in the street and have lights (a minimum of hand held flashlight). In the darkness, through reflections of light, your eyes brilliant animals up? With seasoned experience, hunters can distinguish which is more like what the animal through the eye reflection, distance between the eyes, the size of the eye, and the moving, blinking, etc (usually grass-eating animals, pink reflective eyes. Predators then the blue reflection. But this is also not a recipe). To the lower animals, people will shoot straight between the eyes. But the night was a gunnery techniques, right through the training process, and accumulate experience, rather than as easily as shoot during the day.
If no lights, you can just find shelter to ambush just before dusk. Absolutely should not go vintage at night, very dangerous.

TIP 7: Disguise And Lurks

Want to access with the wild animals to observe track. You have to know how to camouflage and hiding. Means to know how its surrounding landscape. So, you want to take a note to the following:
  • Clothing and dress the same color as the scenery you have nature around us (a colourful hat, glasses, watches reflect light, etc are vulnerable to detection).
  • The context (background scenery, behind) are higher than ours. So when the need across a hilltop, you should land reptiles, if standing, the picture of the you will emerge, and the sky will be seen very clearly.
  • You should never displayed on a stone or a pooled bushes to observe, because you are very prone to get noticed. You should look at using the land cover, next to the bushes or stones should be included.
Same as above, when you run after a tree, not to be displayed from the side of the stem to observations that are located underground, from which you can observe that not fear other see: 
  • Watch our shadows being reflected under water (very obvious) when we move along ponds, rice field, etc water, especially at night.
  • Lurks the shade (daytime) and dark (night) more difficult to detect in the light, though there is good cover.
  • Do not move or move slow then difficult to detect than anything the low inland.
  • When the need to move from place to place, if near then turn quickly rocketed, if far from the cows follow the tunnel pits, ditches or after the mounds, Pine Grove, etc. used as a shielding material. When the bulls should not lift the body up that make crawling crawling way land as a snake.
  • Wish to move gently don’t make a sound they must go feet in silent, put the tip of the foot down before then from from mild to the heel down.
  • Approach the wild animals from under the direction of the wind, do not use the wind or perfume oils, etc
  • When have to cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and use the towels used elbow compression on.
  • Fastened or packaging the instruments sound.
  • Fire and smoke are prone to reveal the most.

TIP 8: Observe The Trace

Like to observe traces, first you have to realize is, this trail a customs need to work out constantly, because as a young man, we observed very swiftly, but when raised, the possibility that wither slowly, largely because we just pay attention to the something new caught the first time, but when has caught many times. We knew the eye should no longer pay attention anymore. If practiced regularly, you can easily find and explain the mood turns from the traces caused by people or pets accidentally leave. When observing a trace, you need to remember: always look toward the sun (backwards), reverse sunlight will highlight the contours of the trace. If the sun is behind his back, will lose many of the important lines, with contours unknown blur, makes us hard to comment properly.
The Aboriginal outback or deep, due to lifestyle, they developed the strange skill is read every trace of the person or animal to get back on the ground and reason the prize is all the traces that as we read a book page (an ability that the people who for civilization as we do not have to be). They can also distinguish and understand the sound they hear. If not read the trail, do not understand the action, they will not find prey to hunt catch as cannot avoid the dangers of the natural pitfalls course. We hope this will be helpful for you.
This article has written by Kevin Steffy who is admin of; I love hunting and hunting like my life. I established this site to serve as a helping hand to individuals who share some common grounds with me.If you want to update more tricks about hunting, do not ignore Kevin’s article on our website.

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