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The idea of nice being outside you speak, but say goodbye to all the luxuries you are used is probably too big a step. Glamping is the perfect solution. But what exactly is it and how do you do that? A course on glamping for beginners: how you do it.

What is glamping?

It is a natural combination of glamor and camping in the best camping tents. Camping with a touch of glamor so. You have to see it like this: you enjoy nature and freedom like camping, but doing so in a glamorous setting. The word has been around a while, some people think that the hype is already over, but nothing is less true. Glamping is no hype or trend, is celebrating a new way of vacation that will remain many, many years. It is the alternative to an expensive city break or beach holiday. And at the time we spend massive hours with our noses behind a laptop or smartphone, we can use some of the nature and fresh air.

Is glamping for you?

Well, we obviously can not assess. The fact is that there is now too many forms book. You can do it with your lover, with children, groups of friends and even for a honeymoon. That should just about do appeal to everyone. Want to spend a holiday in their country is glamping also recommended. Then you close to home, the holidays are not so expensive but have still some luxury around you. Win win situation.

Getting started: How and where do you find the right place

Decide where you want to go: inland or abroad. And determine the budget, what you want to spend it. Remember that part of the price is also a lot of experience: you are one with nature, spend the whole day outside and is in a comfortable bed in a beautiful tent. That may say well what cost, right? Read reviews from other visitors to the glamping, such as Trip Advisor, to assess whether it is for you.

What are you taking with?

Remember that you are going camping. Although luxury, but it’s still camping. Expensive fancy suitcases, huge toilet bags and eight pairs of shoes do not count. Suit or a cute sweater or cardigan, a pair of boots or shoes that can get dirty and are waterproof (well, rain is part of the deal) and some good books.

What can you expect?

Mosquitoes, flies, spiders, lizards, wind, rain, cold. It sometimes hears at all, do not of course. So really glamorous will not, of course, but a lot more luxurious than have to sleep on an air bed in a small dome tent. It’s all part of the whole. You enjoy being outdoors, be one with nature, good conversations, and good barbecue. It’s an experience you will not soon forget, enjoy!

More tips for the first time camping

If your camping equipment is in order, there May be almost nothing base camp for the first time. Make a checklist avoid forgetting something and pick up your car So THAT the weight is well distributed, and the rear view is not obstructed. Once on the site, the fun begins at last. To avoid minor problems and irritations during the first camp, we have. Additionally, some practical tips camping experience for your camping goes Gathered.

If the terrain is hilly, make sure That You are not at the bottom of a slope with your tent. A mistake made by many people camping for the first time. And that’s, to put it mildly inconvenient, Because if it rains all the rain water flows straight into your tent. To preventing a river from your campsite palace (Unless you want to cool down), you can also churn the soil around a bit. The rainwater then disappears Rapidly in the ground.

Cooking and eating

Do not have a refrigerator or freezer? Dig a hole in your stuff, cover it in the field, stop and mark it. Law put tea towels over the drink bottles work well. And you stand in a river, put your stuff in a bag, make it with a rope to a tree or tent and put it in the water. For more dish pan on a stove with only one pit, you first bring the rice or pasta to boiling. Then you wrap the pan in a kitchen towel, and you put a sleeping bag on it. So the food stays hot longer. In the meantime, the kitchen prince/amateur cook on duty in another pan to heat up the sauce or vegetables.


Note wasps do not ruin your first time camping. Cutting, sawing or cutting a soda bottle by two-thirds (from the bottom) in two. Pour a layer of sweet lemonade in the lower part. Then turn ashes into the top part upside – shelled. Make sure That the way it will not let you hurl debris and hang the bin liner’s always night on a high point. These Prevents animals at night go rummaging in your stuff. Incidentally, you will find Decathlon dozens of products in the field of camp hygiene, goals mosquito nets, a portable shower Quechua, and biodegradable soap. Also, the employees in our stores can advise you about the products, and they are more camping tips for you.

Do you have after reading this guide like working on a camping holiday? Hopefully our tips for your first camp a success! Have once camped here and miss Important Tips? Let me know! For more information, visit

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When you’re traveling making plans to camp, always unpredictable things happen, you know people who will show some of their wise knowledge as campers, and also will laugh at someone who believed strongly saying it is not cold and the hours are more frozen penguin back.

But leaving all that aside, you realize that is What an amazing experience!

If you still have not camped, here I leave a list of some things that I assure you will pass during encampments. And if you already have camped, I bet you begin to remember a trip you’ve done.

Come on, remember!

1. You became friends as you thought you never know after being in the same 10 person tents

2. Next to the fire conversed as if they knew of children.

3. Whenever you realize that you took the water was not enough.

4. If no one had water, water waterfall or river is a delight.

5. make little food but is multiplied Everything! And you end up sharing – Becomes a buffet.

6. When you are walking alone, and you find another traveler on the road, any excuse to start a real talk – Of course, in this case, ever use the phrase do you have time ?, because “Backpacking that is respected, not used the clock.”

7. The makeshift backpacks never fail – are those where you hang the sleeping bag, mat, coal or wood with pins.

8. Have you eaten things that had ever tasted in the city?

9. You ate the food, so it is with ashes and charred because he fell into the fire.

10. If you froze your feet, you took off your shoes and placed your feet beside the campfire – Of course, I never needed someone who was warmer and runs off.

11. Wake up, open the tent and see the landscape in front of you, it’s amazing.

12. It is likely that your first camp has been a disaster, but still came back to travel, and came back to camp.

13. Always – eye, always – you forget something.

14. Always, someone will have that “something” you forgot.

15. braver than you are, if you hear a strange sound outside the tent, do not go to see – camping nobody believed superhero.

16. Only you know how horrible it can be to feel freezing. And if you went cold camping, it is likely to have been the longest night of your life.

17. If they see you are tired and can not, someone will shout Come on, you can! Follow!. Those words of encouragement never fail.

18. And most importantly We are all friends!

You can go where you want, where the budget and desire will permit, can camp with very cold, feel that the legs do not give you for more, fight the unbearable mosquitoes, eat the same foods canned for several days, getting wet by the night, withstand an invasion of spiders and, despite everything, be completely happy to be where you are.

See you on the mountain!

12 essential tips for camping in the mountains

When you go camping mountain, we recommend you follow these tips.

1. Bring plenty of vitamin C–with this stable keep your defenses in your body

2. A bag or backpack -Special mountain- can upload your tent.

3. It is advisable to have a waterproof tent and preferably not too high so that the heat will remain.

4. Articles for personal hygiene: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, among others.

5. Sleeping bag or warm -aportar√°n thick blankets for the night.

6. waterproof jackets or coats, gloves, hats, scarves, and socks. These allow protect you from the showers and low temperatures.

7. Non-perishable foods.

8. Map or guides to help you get where you plan to visit.

9. Inform family or friends plan to travel where and the approximate time it will be.

10. A first aid kit never knows when necessary.

11. Lanterns

12. Take the individual deposit trash bags, and off the fires in the day- helps preserve the environment.

Do not forget

Remember the basics and make only necessary, the weight of your backpack or backpack should not exceed 10% of body weight. With this, you avoid injuries and spend a hard time of your vacation time and rest.
If you are asthmatic or allergic seeks to take necessary medications, and if you plan on going to high altitudes where the pressure altitude and climate change hinder your breathing while walking, it is advisable to go slowly when you walk.

If your body condition is not an athletic person or regularly practice sport, preferably hire agencies specializing in this type of ride and adventures that will know give you the tools, as well as the beasts or animals (horses, donkeys, mules) walking in the mountains.

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Are you going to drive an ATV or a quad bike? While leaving route, we have to face many obstacles. Therefore, we leave some tips:

Barriers to obstacles, like a fallen branch, a narrow passage, large stones. It is appropriate to take the first passes calmly. It is important to know how our vehicle behaves in adverse conditions. as we gain experience and know our machine, overcome such situations will be more natural. It is important not want completely to dominate the reactions of the Quad or ATV, but try to minimize them with a good body position. We have to go loose and very calmly to avoid surprises that we can not control.

With the Quad, it is fun to practice this discipline, even if it is limited by its weight and dimensions of the vehicle. It is critical to consider fair and necessary to the gas and have a good body position. It is advisable to start with less difficulty and obstacles to win in confidence measured to go up the level, in this discipline, be convinced that you will achieve avoids many accidental falls.

Tire pressure is critical to a balanced correct tire pressure. The wheels on the same axle must be at the same pressure. Otherwise, the Quad or ATV will become vague and difficult to control. The choice of the pressure depends on factors such as road conditions, rider weight, manufacturer, tire condition. In general, the less pressure, get more traction. But otherwise, the Quad or ATV becomes more unstable, because there is more lateral drift and run less. It is advised that the pressure indicated by the manufacturer (usually between 300 and 800 gr.) And go testing until you find the optimum for you. Here are some criteria to remember for the use of cheap ATV tires:

Read tire data

As the tires of cars and motorcycle manufacturer’s instructions (profile, tire size, date of manufacture) are visible on the tire sidewall. The greater the number of folds, the better the tire, may resist puncture, but often to the detriment of the ease of use.

Load indices and speed

It is forbidden to a tire with an index lower than that of the tires initially mounted on the vehicle or the speed recommended by the builder to assemble. However, it can be installed with a tire index greater rate.

Type of tires

Each type of tire has a specialty. It is, therefore, necessary to define the purpose and conditions of use of your squad to choose the right tire.

Tires “leisure” type can be used on dirt roads. Tires type “sport” can be used in non-trafficable centers many obstacles. The tire type “street” and all-terrain tires suitable for all kinds of roads and paths. It is recommended that conforms to the manufacturer of the vehicle on the dimensions and characteristics of the tires.

Change your tires correctly

Change a tire only

If your tires have a minimum degree of wear, i.e., the depth of the main grooves is maxed out, but you need to change a tire damaged by a puncture, or an accident must be replaced necessarily by the same tire. The new tire must have the same specificities of the above and be of the same brand, have the same profile/structure, same rates of speed/weight and of course the same dimensions.

Two tires

If two of your tires have reached the maximum degree of wear or are damaged, you must replace them with identical or similar tires. Choose necessarily tires with the same characteristics of those who were in their vehicle.

Taxiing and wear

The tire wear causes loss of adhesion. The more worn tires (less and less deep grooves), will be longer braking distances.


For road use, to avoid vibrations wing driving should be performed fair.


Tire pressure should be checked to prevent a blowout, a loss of vehicle control, premature tire wear.

All-terrain tires

The hardness of the rubber:

What softer the rubber as will grip on the damp ground. On a dry and rocky terrain, it is best to choose a tire with a hard compound.

The direction of rotation

Most manufacturers of all-terrain tires have this distinction on their tires. A check assembly.