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There are many types of tents:


Dome tents (also called cupolas – the best family tent) are by heir weight and small size very convenient for active hiking and cycling holidays as a shelter for festival goers and as a small tent for children. A dome is a round tent with three-pole or two which intersect at the top of the tent while the other pole is the ‘postage for the nematode. These tents are also called arc pole tents. Incidentally, there are domes with two-pole; These are or at the cheaper types used as a small tent. A tunnel tent useful makes use of arch poles, but synthesis run parallel to each other.

Advantages of a dome

Of all types or small tent bit a dome or at the most space. Unlike other tents with one or two sticks, there are no poles in the tent or for the exit. Through the use of the arch, poles bias to the tent itself. Because cupolas tensioned May be sufficient, They are quite wind resistant. We recommends using it as much as possible.

The disadvantage of a dome tent is that they are a kettle to set up in Proportion as the size Increases from the tent. In a tunnel, tent plays the ‘problem’ less.

Dome as an additional shelter for children. Dome tents are useful used widely used as a small tent for children. When buying on the size of the tent. It’s nice When the tent bit extra space so that there is enough room for storage of toys and books for example.

Tunnel Tent

Through the use of arch Becomes a tunnel tent poles, like a dome, also known as arc tent pole. A tunnel tent is set up with arch poles That run parallel to each other. The tent is being put with guy ropes and pegs. The structure and form a tunnel tent offering a roomy interior. In the larger arc tents, several at cabins can be hung or zipped. Also, a tunnel tent awning much space. These properties ensure That the tunnel tent Especially Has Many fans among families.

Benefits of a tunnel tent

A tunnel tent is quick and easy to set up, even by a single person. That makes this type of shelter, provided with a polyester canvas fabric, also Suitable to pull it around. A tunnel tent does not take much space and the use of aluminum or fiberglass poles little weight. Enabling you to hang the inner tent in the outer tent, inner tent stays dry When the rain tent intent or breaks. The White Schijndel advises, in general, to remove the tent to give out and hang it in again after the tent was set up.

Vis-a-vis tent

A vis-à-vis tent is a simple tunnel tent, but only the sleeping cabins are not next to each other facing eachother and between them a (small) living space. This camping tent is ideal for families with older children who want to sleep in a tent with each other but need a room for himself. But for families where the parents want to sleep in a separate room in front of the children, is a fish-to-fish very appropriateness.

Large assortment dome and tunnel tents. Are you planning to buy a dome? At The White Schijndel, you can find a full range of dome tents, but useful tunnel and vis-à-vis tents. Modern domes are the Kenya Safari, the Cortina Bardani, and Rock Springs Coleman.


Pyramid tent

The Pyramid tent HAS long leg regarded as the successor to the ever so popular tent. But now the tunnel tent HAS supplanted the pyramid tent campgrounds.

A pyramid tent Usually HAS built a frame of three standing poles, possibly mutually connected by horizontal tubes. The rear deck is the longest, so the place gets a pyramid shape. This form pyramid tent is very storm-proof; Pyramid tent is also called ‘storm shelter.

Advantages of a pyramid tent

A pyramid tent Has A practical layout with one or more bedrooms and a separate living space. The tent also makes it attractive as a family tent. The tent is more storm resistant and Usually extremely robust, making him long life and a positive image. Many people ‘fall’ also for the shape of a pyramid tent. Pyramid tents or at fixed or have a zip-in groundsheet. When a rainstorm so you do not suffer from a wet tent. But useful insects and other “reduced”, you Remain outside.

Disadvantages of a pyramid tent

A problem of a pyramid tent on, for example, a tunnel tent Is that the headroom is limited. He has to put on heavier and more Difficult, and you need a bigger area to rid the shelter.

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The idea of nice being outside you speak, but say goodbye to all the luxuries you are used is probably too big a step. Glamping is the perfect solution. But what exactly is it and how do you do that? A course on glamping for beginners: how you do it.

What is glamping?

It is a natural combination of glamor and camping in the best camping tents. Camping with a touch of glamor so. You have to see it like this: you enjoy nature and freedom like camping, but doing so in a glamorous setting. The word has been around a while, some people think that the hype is already over, but nothing is less true. Glamping is no hype or trend, is celebrating a new way of vacation that will remain many, many years. It is the alternative to an expensive city break or beach holiday. And at the time we spend massive hours with our noses behind a laptop or smartphone, we can use some of the nature and fresh air.

Is glamping for you?

Well, we obviously can not assess. The fact is that there is now too many forms book. You can do it with your lover, with children, groups of friends and even for a honeymoon. That should just about do appeal to everyone. Want to spend a holiday in their country is glamping also recommended. Then you close to home, the holidays are not so expensive but have still some luxury around you. Win win situation.

Getting started: How and where do you find the right place

Decide where you want to go: inland or abroad. And determine the budget, what you want to spend it. Remember that part of the price is also a lot of experience: you are one with nature, spend the whole day outside and is in a comfortable bed in a beautiful tent. That may say well what cost, right? Read reviews from other visitors to the glamping, such as Trip Advisor, to assess whether it is for you.

What are you taking with?

Remember that you are going camping. Although luxury, but it’s still camping. Expensive fancy suitcases, huge toilet bags and eight pairs of shoes do not count. Suit or a cute sweater or cardigan, a pair of boots or shoes that can get dirty and are waterproof (well, rain is part of the deal) and some good books.

What can you expect?

Mosquitoes, flies, spiders, lizards, wind, rain, cold. It sometimes hears at all, do not of course. So really glamorous will not, of course, but a lot more luxurious than have to sleep on an air bed in a small dome tent. It’s all part of the whole. You enjoy being outdoors, be one with nature, good conversations, and good barbecue. It’s an experience you will not soon forget, enjoy!

More tips for the first time camping

If your camping equipment is in order, there May be almost nothing base camp for the first time. Make a checklist avoid forgetting something and pick up your car So THAT the weight is well distributed, and the rear view is not obstructed. Once on the site, the fun begins at last. To avoid minor problems and irritations during the first camp, we have. Additionally, some practical tips camping experience for your camping goes Gathered.

If the terrain is hilly, make sure That You are not at the bottom of a slope with your tent. A mistake made by many people camping for the first time. And that’s, to put it mildly inconvenient, Because if it rains all the rain water flows straight into your tent. To preventing a river from your campsite palace (Unless you want to cool down), you can also churn the soil around a bit. The rainwater then disappears Rapidly in the ground.

Cooking and eating

Do not have a refrigerator or freezer? Dig a hole in your stuff, cover it in the field, stop and mark it. Law put tea towels over the drink bottles work well. And you stand in a river, put your stuff in a bag, make it with a rope to a tree or tent and put it in the water. For more dish pan on a stove with only one pit, you first bring the rice or pasta to boiling. Then you wrap the pan in a kitchen towel, and you put a sleeping bag on it. So the food stays hot longer. In the meantime, the kitchen prince/amateur cook on duty in another pan to heat up the sauce or vegetables.


Note wasps do not ruin your first time camping. Cutting, sawing or cutting a soda bottle by two-thirds (from the bottom) in two. Pour a layer of sweet lemonade in the lower part. Then turn ashes into the top part upside – shelled. Make sure That the way it will not let you hurl debris and hang the bin liner’s always night on a high point. These Prevents animals at night go rummaging in your stuff. Incidentally, you will find Decathlon dozens of products in the field of camp hygiene, goals mosquito nets, a portable shower Quechua, and biodegradable soap. Also, the employees in our stores can advise you about the products, and they are more camping tips for you.

Do you have after reading this guide like working on a camping holiday? Hopefully our tips for your first camp a success! Have once camped here and miss Important Tips? Let me know! For more information, visit



If you like camping or hiking, you can not do without a tent, if only to protect you from the weather or allow you to relax in nature. But which camping tent perfectly meet your requirements? To this question, it is essential that you have an idea of all the parameters to consider before buying. For more convenient, you can opt for the best backpacking tent

The roof

Regarding roof, typically found two types of tents: those single roof and those with a double roof.

Regarding the tents with the simple roof, note that they have an impressive lightness but their biggest flaw is the condensation that forms on the inside of the canvas.

As for tents with a double roof, they provide excellent protection against weather and outdoor conditions such as rain, sun, hail, snow, wind. In addition, these tents will provide you proper ventilation avoiding condensation.


The weight of your tent is an important aspect not to be overlooked, especially if your ride usually lasts several days. Certainly, a lightweight tent will only make your pleasant hike, but it can also get you lose comfort. Indeed, over the tent is light, the less it will be comfortable because you will make concessions on its dimensions.

Keep in mind before deciding to purchase the space of the tent is bound to its weight, and choose accordingly.

What activity

Each type of practice is a tent. So before choosing your tent, make sure that it is adapted to the need for which you buy it.

• Family Camping: for such activity, you should opt for a comfortable and spacious tent in which you can get around easily and easily arrange your tables, your chairs. We recommend a tent with a large dome and a height which varies between 1.70 and 2 m. This will increase your comfort as you can stand up in your tent. Make sure that ventilation is not an issue and consider the floor space by taking 70 to 80 cm wide each.

• Camping light: in this case, the light is the key word. Indeed, as you mount and often dismount a family tent, it should be as light as possible without losing comfort nor practicality. No need that your tent is high, since you spend virtually no time inside.

• The bivouac: ideal for such an activity, it is a lightweight tent, resistant and exceptionally easy to train.


It is evident that most tent is spacious, the heavier it is, but remember that the comfort of a tent depends on the dimensions and its interior volume.

So if you want your tent is comfortable for you and does not render painful your campsite, make sure it is large enough, it has lapsed for storing bags and shoes away and either equipped with two doors to help you use when you are many.


It is evident that most tent is spacious, the heavier it is, but remember that the comfort of a tent depends on the dimensions and its interior volume.

So if you want your tent is comfortable for you and does not render painful your campsite, make sure it is large enough, it has lapsed for storing bags and shoes away and either equipped with two doors to help you use when you are many.


• Family tents

In this case, you need a spacious tent that can receive all family members when you go on vacation, or you are camping with your family. Note that there are family tents that can offer you a living room with more than two to three pieces for bed.

• Instant Tents

The peculiarity of these tents is that they can be easily assembled and disassembled in minutes. These tents are what you need if you are camping, and often you would like to change often the place or simply because you do not have the soul of a “handyman” and even the installation instructions a tent, you seem to be Chinese …

• Hiking and mountain tents

They are both robust and light. Resistant to protect you from the wind and other inclement weather, and light to not be a burden to you during your getaway.

• Shelters Tents

Their function is limited to be a haven for you in the case of rain or high sun. For this, they are lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble.

Number of people

The best you can do is opt for a tent with additional sleeping to have more space. This will also allow you to arrange for you and your family, a storage area for luggage or installing kitchen furniture or to welcome a surprise guest.

Make sure your tent has a curtain separating the rooms. This will be very beneficial as you can and, if necessary, add or remove part of the chamber is to have more sleeping or a maximum of living space.

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Tobin Lake Water Fight Family Camping


When you’re traveling making plans to camp, always unpredictable things happen, you know people who will show some of their wise knowledge as campers, and also will laugh at someone who believed strongly saying it is not cold and the hours are more frozen penguin back.

But leaving all that aside, you realize that is What an amazing experience!

If you still have not camped, here I leave a list of some things that I assure you will pass during encampments. And if you already have camped, I bet you begin to remember a trip you’ve done.

Come on, remember!

1. You became friends as you thought you never know after being in the same 10 person tents

2. Next to the fire conversed as if they knew of children.

3. Whenever you realize that you took the water was not enough.

4. If no one had water, water waterfall or river is a delight.

5. make little food but is multiplied Everything! And you end up sharing – Becomes a buffet.

6. When you are walking alone, and you find another traveler on the road, any excuse to start a real talk – Of course, in this case, ever use the phrase do you have time ?, because “Backpacking that is respected, not used the clock.”

7. The makeshift backpacks never fail – are those where you hang the sleeping bag, mat, coal or wood with pins.

8. Have you eaten things that had ever tasted in the city?

9. You ate the food, so it is with ashes and charred because he fell into the fire.

10. If you froze your feet, you took off your shoes and placed your feet beside the campfire – Of course, I never needed someone who was warmer and runs off.

11. Wake up, open the tent and see the landscape in front of you, it’s amazing.

12. It is likely that your first camp has been a disaster, but still came back to travel, and came back to camp.

13. Always – eye, always – you forget something.

14. Always, someone will have that “something” you forgot.

15. braver than you are, if you hear a strange sound outside the tent, do not go to see – camping nobody believed superhero.

16. Only you know how horrible it can be to feel freezing. And if you went cold camping, it is likely to have been the longest night of your life.

17. If they see you are tired and can not, someone will shout Come on, you can! Follow!. Those words of encouragement never fail.

18. And most importantly We are all friends!

You can go where you want, where the budget and desire will permit, can camp with very cold, feel that the legs do not give you for more, fight the unbearable mosquitoes, eat the same foods canned for several days, getting wet by the night, withstand an invasion of spiders and, despite everything, be completely happy to be where you are.

See you on the mountain!

12 essential tips for camping in the mountains

When you go camping mountain, we recommend you follow these tips.

1. Bring plenty of vitamin C–with this stable keep your defenses in your body

2. A bag or backpack -Special mountain- can upload your tent.

3. It is advisable to have a waterproof tent and preferably not too high so that the heat will remain.

4. Articles for personal hygiene: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, among others.

5. Sleeping bag or warm -aportarán thick blankets for the night.

6. waterproof jackets or coats, gloves, hats, scarves, and socks. These allow protect you from the showers and low temperatures.

7. Non-perishable foods.

8. Map or guides to help you get where you plan to visit.

9. Inform family or friends plan to travel where and the approximate time it will be.

10. A first aid kit never knows when necessary.

11. Lanterns

12. Take the individual deposit trash bags, and off the fires in the day- helps preserve the environment.

Do not forget

Remember the basics and make only necessary, the weight of your backpack or backpack should not exceed 10% of body weight. With this, you avoid injuries and spend a hard time of your vacation time and rest.
If you are asthmatic or allergic seeks to take necessary medications, and if you plan on going to high altitudes where the pressure altitude and climate change hinder your breathing while walking, it is advisable to go slowly when you walk.

If your body condition is not an athletic person or regularly practice sport, preferably hire agencies specializing in this type of ride and adventures that will know give you the tools, as well as the beasts or animals (horses, donkeys, mules) walking in the mountains.

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Basically camping equipment consists of 5 large groups labeled according to the tasks we perform with them in the camp.

We have developed this checklist of camping items with items needed for camping. In the list there are things that are optional and others which can not dispense with the experience of everyone here may be reduced or extended as necessary. This list will serve to make a checklist not to forget anything when assembling the team with the necessary items to get out of camp; each user can expand or simplify according to the needs and comforts you have in your exit site. Ideally, go gathering all the camping equipment days before camping out to check that everything is working well and in good condition. Check list of camping:

Sleeping in camping equipment

  • Tent (with rods, stakes, and rainfly). Assemble before leaving and verify the operation of the locks and the status of the seams. Note: If you go with a partner, opt for the best 4 person tent
  • Mat or inflatable mattress (do not forget the caps. Inflate and check that it is not pricked)
  • Inflator for inflatable mattress
  • Sleeping bag
  • Flashlight with rechargeable batteries

Equipment for cooking and eating at camp

  • Marmite: pot, dishes, frying pan, spoon, fork.
  • Gas heater and their respective gravitas gas.
  • Cutting board.
  • Multuso sharp knife.
  • Bottle opener with the corkscrew (or utility knife).
  • Glass or jug. (1 per person)
  • Water, mainly the container can be a bottle of 10 or 20 liters, depending on the number of individuals who encamp.
  • Conservative refrigerator or cold (if necessary) and their respective gels coolers.
  • Lighters for fire (minimum 2 or 3)
  • Pills a fire and newsprint.
  • Dishwashing takes a small container of detergent and a sponge.
  • Grill (in case where we camped there)
  • Paba to heat water (could be replaced by the jug or pot)
  • Terms (in the event of mate)
  • Matt bulb and jug
  • Plastic jar of coffee, tea or mate
  • Sugar plastic jar
  • small packages of salt, pepper and some seasoning
  • Oil bottle 1/4 or 1/2 liter. (There is also Sollecito’s)
  • 1 to 2 dishcloths.

Living in camping equipment

  • It depends on the area and time when we get out of camping:
  • Warm clothes, skin 1st, 3rd layer 2 and layer waterproof and windproof
  • Light clothing, shirts, shorts
  • Good shoes appropriate to the circumstances, preferably hiking shoes with good tread. (2 pairs)
  • Hat or cap
  • Warm gloves (if needed)
  • Multifunction Neck (serve as beanie, balaclava, wrist strap, neck wrap and several other uses)
  • underwear (no more than 2 or 3 dumb)
  • Sunglasses

Hygiene equipment

  • Soap, soap, shampoo (small jar or sachets) and bath towel
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Comb, mirror and shaver.
  • Plier nail clippers.
  • One loaf of white laundry soap.
  • 1 Stretcher 4 or 5 meters and some clothespins to hang clothes if there is the wind.
  • Toothpicks toothpicks.
  • Toilet paper.

First aid kit

  • Gauze, bandages and tape.
  • Disinfectant type Pervinox (small dropper)
  • Aspirins, Novalgina, Antibiotics, charcoal tablet (2 to 4 c / u).
  • Latex gloves.
  • Cyanoacrylate (glue droplet Poxipol. Useful for soldering or gluing a small wound).
  • Tweezers (helpful to remove thorns)

Trekker equipment

  • Small backpack (check straps, seams, and closures) and fanny.
  • Camera, battery, charger and USB cable
  • Canteen or water container (1 or 2 liters per person)
  • Or chlorine bleach in a small dropper (in case you have to water purification)
  • GPS or compass and maps (if necessary)
  • Place information visit (maps, excursions, activities, guides, etc.)
  • insect repellent and sun protector (if needed)
  • Cocoa butter to protect lips (if necessary)
  • cell phone with fully charged batteries (not forgetting the charger and adapter if necessary).

For camping

  • Electric extender at least 10 meters
  • 1 or 2 triples and three-prong adapters 2 feet (always needed)
  • Portable device with some type electric lighting energy saving lamp.
  • 220vlt electric heater to heat water if we do not have gas in the heater
  • Table, chairs, umbrella (if needed)
  • Card game or some entertainment
  • Pencil and paper (always write something)


Add to your backpack hiker: a whistle in case you lose you will not have to yell so much and does not weigh takes place. A flashlight in case you grab the night on a tour and a couple of condoms that will be very useful to waterproof your feet if necessary (above average wear them and stretch them well first). They also serve to store things without getting wet earth or not from bugs.

It also adds a needle and thread if you have to sew a button or a broken pledge and a lighter to fire. To your aggregate pot and pack polenta and another 1/2 kg of lentils, maybe you out of trouble.

Save and descarga your camping equipment several times to go to practice the order that you give to each item. If everything has its place will never mess up and be easier to break camp and then find everything.

Modify this list: Prints and takes this list to each camp, so you can keep adding items that you missed and crossing out those who do not be needed to reach your perfect camping list.

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SEREN Campsite


Safety measures for camping

Safety precautions for camping Camping is a great experience and a unique way to disconnect for a few days in the city and a bit closer to nature. And it is to be in a less controlled environment that is necessary to be proactive and know the basic safety measures for camping in we give to you can plan your trip without any risk.

1. In many countries, there are specially prepared camping areas offering many services in other nations there is less control on the issue, so it is critical to be preventive

2. You install Coleman 8 person tent in a field as flat as possible and never on surfaces that could break down how trees, mangroves, etc. It is also important that your store is cautiously away from the sea or river bank

3. Takes into account the wind when you’re installing the tent, if it is an area where there is too much breeze need to raise your camp to protect you against the wind of it and prevent drag Store

4. Do make campfires and avoid accidents, plain and straightforward. It is far better to bring a portable gas kitchen light a fire because it could spin out of control or be badly off and cause a fire

5. If you decide to make a campfire at least tries to be away from the shops because a spark could be the start of a fire, again the recommendation is to avoid

6. Always carry a first-aid kit with the essentials, plus a mobile phone with charged battery, a compass, a GPS and a map of the area where you find the nearest villages marked

7. Stay in group and solo exploring avoids if you do not know the area where you go camping if you do remember to take your bearings methods that allow you to return safely to the campsite

8. Always carry enough non-perishable food such as canned and plenty of water to stay properly hydrated. It is also advisable to consult the weather forecast for the days you plan to camp

9. Do not camp in prohibited sites as you could spend an unpleasant experience. Established camping areas have minimal supervision of the authorities and in theory, are safe spaces, so it is best to respect the rules and limit yourself to these areas

10. Never leave the city to camp without informing any family member or friend how prevention method. Informs where you go, at which point plan to camp and when you plan your return

Tips: Follow these simple safety rules will allow you to enjoy your trip without risk

How to choose a good campsite

Good weather, holidays or the need to spend more time in the midst of nature are excellent reasons to go camping. It is essential to know the safety measures for camping, and so spend some fantastic days; also in we give you a few tips on how to choose a good campsite.

1. Search a regular ground and clear in that you can quickly assemble your store. Clean the branches or stones that may be in the area, to create a suitable surface. You can read this article to learn how to plant a tent safely.

2. Avoid low-lying areas or those who may be natural channels of water in case of rain, such as dry riverbeds. You could wake up drenched or, in the event of heavy rain, be in danger.

3. It is also preferred an area with a dry grass and sandy because the latter has more risk of becoming a marshy or unstable ground in case of rain and would not be a good place to camp.

4. If you go camping on the beach, consider the tides. In some areas, such as in northern Spain, sea height varies considerably between high tide and low. If the sand is wet, do not Suites in this field. We recommend you consult our article How to find free camping areas in Spain to find different places for camping enabled.

5. Always look for a camping area that has more or less near a source of drinking water. Still, it would be good with you always Guevara’s drinking water, along with other essential elements that you will see in our article What should I bring to camp.

6. If you are in a camping area where there are toilets, showers, and other common areas, it is best not to camp next door. Although it may seem the best area, because you will not have to go far to take a shower or go to the bathroom is not a good place to camp because you are exposed to noise and odors.

7. Consider the elements must avoid both the store is all day in the sun, since the reheat, as in the shade, because you could spend a lot of cold at night, as the wind opposite the entrance store.

8. The wind can be a major inconvenience to have a good camp, so the stakes ensure excellently and confirm that you have elements in your environment to function as an excellent windbreak. Trees are good braking the impact of wind, but you can if not always resort to artificial windbreaks.

9. Also, do not light fires or barbecues unless there is a conditioned for it and never, under any circumstances zone, you leave the fire unattended. We recommend you read the article on types of fire on a camping trip so that you know all the details.

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If you go, take naturally prefer your bed on holiday but not always fit with the rest of the luggage. Good sleep is crucial, especially on vacation, of course. If you are not sleeping well, or broken wake, it affects your day and so your holiday. Fortunately, there is plenty of development in the world of sleeping on site.

You can choose from a variety of sleeping options. For example, some people like to sleep on an air mattress, but others swear by an inflatable. The differences between these options we have explained below put to you. Also, remember to make a camping food list

Perhaps the best-known option to sleep in the tent, airbed. The great air mattress only has a few drawbacks. He is, for example, cold and when you and your partner together on an air mattress sleep you’ve every time turns around the feeling that you launched. Fortunately all sorts of solutions for this. There exist, for example, air mattresses with two air chambers, one on either side. This blows you away from each other. So you can sleep quietly as the other turns around.

Another disadvantage of an air mattress is that it is not insulating. This allows you the night feeling cold, but it is also possible that for example, you have to urinate more frequently or that you will suffer from stiff muscles. But here’s a solution: you can bring extra insulation for under your mattress. Besides the additional insulation can also be a unique cover to make your air mattress. This makes it immediately more comfortable to sleep on!

When it was introduced the self-inflatable mat, he was especially fragile and designed for lightweight campers. This was also noticeable in the comfort of the clothes. They were often thin and were not nearly as good as your bed at home. Meanwhile, in the field of inflatables developed a lot of news. There is now even inflatables 10 cm thick! For these mats are covers available that make more comfortable the rug? Isolating the mat is not necessary because the mat itself insulates all right. In contrast to an air mattress, this bed is filled with stagnant air which covers naturally fine.

The disadvantage of the inflatable is that it is large to carry. This mat comes in many different shapes and sizes, often it depends on your priorities, which mat is best for you. Need example backpacking and must join the mat on your back? Then you want a small package and deliver you prefer something on pack size. You might go out again less than does the volume of the box with the car on vacation and choose the greatest comfort.

A new trend in the field of sleep at the camp are the mega mats. These have all the advantages of the two above options. Mega Mats are air mattresses with a filling. This padding ensures that the air remains stationary so that the mat insulates well. Because the sauce is not so thick remains the size of the package small.

Buy your tent or caravan

A mobile home, beautiful glamping tent or rent is, of course, easy but especially in the high season, you pay actually for the top prize. Having your tent or caravan is in the long run often a lot cheaper. And it’s a bit depending on the camping means that you choose, but if you are camping, you have to return regularly on investment within a few years. Also, it gives me a nice feeling to just build your house yourself started. It gives me a sense of freedom.

Buy itself, in the long run, cheaper, but sharing is more beneficial. The sub-economy is emerging. My in-laws have for years had a trailer with another couple. Together bought, they voted every year the holidays each other just as they shared the costs. Like many neighbors do with the newspaper. Share on a larger scale is now possible via the Internet. More and more websites where people make their caravans, trailer tents or campers to rent offer. A kind Airbnb for campers. Useful if you do not know that you can borrow, still want to try out a camper or simply do not want to worry about maintenance and shelter of your home.

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You want to start cycling? You want to find the ride bike for your commuting? You are confused with all the varieties of bikes that you can get? Read this post here, it will help you to choose the best road bike for beginners. There are some questions that you can ask to find the right bike for your needs.

How far is your everyday ride?How far is your everyday ride?

If your everyday ride is something under 3 miles, any bike will work just fine. If your route is hilly, you might just need to invest in a cheap roadster or shopper for such short distance. The short distance makes it easy to choose a saddle as you will not ride long enough to feel the discomfort in any saddle. Reliability is not a big issue either as in the worst case scenario; you might just have to walk for a mile or two.

If your route is up to 6 miles or half an hour ride, you should start to look at something comfortable, like a comfortable and fit saddle. The bike you choose should be built focusing on comfort and reliability and allowing you to travel in an upright position.

If your ride is further than 9 miles, apart from comfort and reliability, you should pay attention to its efficiency.

How many gears that you need?

The numbers of gears available in bikes now really vary, from 1,2,3 to even 30 gears. If your route is just dead flat, you might need a single speed bicycle. If your route is something like a touring bike on a mountain pass, you probably need all the gears that you can get. The common pick is between 5 and 9 for a moderate hill pass.

Which wheel size?wheel size

There are two common wheel sizes in the market, 26” and 28”. 26” is more popular and available in bigger range of sizes and 28” is often available for skinny sizes. You can choose between fat and skinny size as fat ones are more comfortable and skinny ones are faster.

How much you want to pay for your bicycle?

It is really your choice when it comes to how much you want to spend on your bike. Some just go for years with a super cheap bike from supermarket or catalogue. On the other hand, some are bike snobs and will not go on anything but the most expensive bike in store. Most people will choose something in between. However, it is hard decide how much you should spend as a new cyclist.

Something to keep in mind that you should not expect a cheap bike to be comfortable or reliable and you should not expect your expensive bike is still at the railing when you come back. A commuting bike, in the end, is a tool, you do not need a too light and expensive one, but you need to pay enough for it to proper handle its everyday job in different weather conditions. We recommend you to go with one less than £200, or if you want something that can last for a decade or more, you might want to pay a price up to £600.


Saddle height

How we often adjust the saddle height? You sit on the saddle, place one foot on the pedal and heighten it until your leg is straight. When cycling, you always have the ball of your foot over the middle of the pedals; therefore, your leg will not fully straighten out. However, this way of adjusting your saddle height normally set the saddle too high for beginners. For beginners, the height of the saddle should be something in between high enough for efficiently pedaling and low enough to feel safe.

After a few weeks in to cycling, you might have more confidence to rise your saddle a few centimeter higher. Keep the adjustment as you feel comfortable. Adjusting saddle height is a personal thing and it is all up to your need. It is recommended that you should not force your body to fit the bike but always adjust a bike to fit your body.

Nick Soros has been tried many different road bikes and become an cycling enthusiast for a 10 years. He collected many top and affordable road bikes on the market that can help you choose the most suitable one. They’re basing your budget as well as your demand. So it would be useful if you check his informative advice before give your final decision. Not only for first riders, but experienced ones.



There are now on the market several brands and models from several countries. So that you can have multiple trampolines same size but with different manufacturing qualities. It is then important to consider some basic features for how well buy the best trampolines.

Assuming that you have already pre-determined your budget, the location of your premium trampoline and users of it (only children or adults too?), Here are the criteria that we selected

1- Safety standards

This is large trampoline criteria to look priority, especially if you have planned for use by children.

Trampolines safety standards stipulate that part, hooks and springs trampolines must be completely covered with protective cushions. It must also be equipped with a removable ladder to prevent children from accessing unattended.

Also, make sure the trampoline is a certification like “GS TUV” or Intertek certification. These are certificates that attest to the compliance of your trampoline to the criteria of safety and quality.

2- Size

Before wondering where to buy your trampoline, you should know beforehand who will use and what space you have to install it. Their sizes vary from 185 to 300-305 cm in diameter for small models and between 370-490 cm in diameter for XXL models.

If you have room for a giant trampoline, please. It’s never too big! And with a large “family” model, both adults and children enjoy the activity. Surely, you will become addictive to this relaxing sport that allows you to remove the fatigue of the day!

Check at the same time the maximum load on your model. Ideally, it can support a minimum weight of 100 kg.

3- Trampoline with/without a net?

trampoline-net-sécuritéVous should know if you are going to buy a trampoline net or without a net. The role of the loss is to avoid falls outside the drop zone.

In the case of a product used by children, a model with mesh is preferable. Be careful in this case the quality of the net. This must have very fine mesh for optimal protection. It is preferred that the material used is polypropylene, for strength reasons.

This safety net also requires the presence of a stitched and reinforced zipper to withstand frequent use. Finally, the net can have an aesthetic function as it is a way to preserve some privacy if we have neighbors!

4- The strength of the various parties

Take a trampoline with a substantial reinforcement in high-quality stainless steel. Hot dip galvanized steel or electro galvanized to withstand repeated jumps adults and children.

Also, trampoline garden-filetVérifiez the number of springs provided, size and the material from which they are made. Too much or not enough seasons affect the quality of the jump. This number must be adapted to the size of the jumping mat. Turn to brands like Alice Garden allows not to take risks.

The jumping surface itself must be safe enough to support heavy weights. The process by which it is made determines the quality of the rebound and allow the evacuation of water in case of rain.
The airbags are also security features should not be overlooked because they protect in case of loss of balance towards the outside of the jumping surface.

The security provided is largely dependent on the thickness, width and the absorption capacity of these protective cushions. They preserve the springs of the trampoline of moisture and heat, so guaranteeing the resistance of a large part of the structure over time.

5- The included accessories

One last point to check: the accessories shipped with the product. This would include the model tarpaulin against weather or storage bag for this one if you decided to disassemble the equipment for the winter. With the airbag springs, they are a significant bonus that will ensure the longevity of your trampoline in time!

There is also the fixation pegs that allow root feet on the ground. An option also practical to prevent the wind makes fly your future purchase.

Other activities

Many other hobbies have commonalities with the trampoline: sports, outdoors, fun for younger as the swing. The trampoline provides proprioception of gravity and well prefer the smaller the seesaw to play two. With this stupid game, they become aware of their weight and that of others. Inertia will have no secrets for them. For infants or babies are not pointing the tip of their nose in winter, there are indoor baby swings allowing them to have fun out of the weather. Take a look also to wooden frames and our article on the porch with the slide. As you will see, a swing fitted with a cabin is the perfect combination for our little darlings. More classic than the trampoline, less extreme but equally fun and more adapted to the age of 7.



The three-season tent now is the most favorable tent among so many types of tents, not only for its characteristics but also the reasonable prices (click here for best family camping tents for sale)

The various constructs

Three families are opposed:

The domes: otherwise called “igloo tents.” Ultra-simple to mount, two arches intersect to getting around. Advantages: a cabin with generous volumes and a good wind resistance.

Geodesic: changing tents domes. The hoops intersect at several points, with very good wind resistance, regardless of its direction.

Tunnels: with a large internal volume and high wind resistance (they are well oriented), there are two types. Disadvantage: assembly is really not simpler; some training is required, especially in emergencies. And pay attention also to changes in wind direction, which can sometimes force you to redirect your shelter at night.

Two vital rules of using 3-season tents

Avoid (if possible) making the mess inside your tent. A stove fall, or some projections, and scenario turns to disaster, especially since the main tents component materials are extremely flammable. Candles are also prohibited: the spread of a fire would be virtually instantaneous.

Maintain constant ventilation inside your cabin so that the air we breathe is constantly renewed oxygen. Always leave a small open part. The CO2 poisoning is a possible risk that should not be overlooked, especially, in high altitude.

Recommended brands and products on 3-season tents

Big Agnes – Fly Creek UL3

Rainfly: polyamide ripstop silicone and polyurethane coating – resistance> 1200

Inner tent: nylon ripstop and screen on top

Floor: polyamide ripstop silicone and polyurethane coated, taped seams – Waterproof> 1200

Poles: aluminum anodized environmentally

Dimensions: 229 x 168 x 107 cm (indoor)

Weight: 1608g

Recommended retail price: € 439

Our opinion: A big favorite. This freestanding display low weight and size accept carefree two heavily laden trekkers, but will also make the happiness of a single trekker. Installation is ultra-intuitive, can be reached easily only. The materials are of excellent workmanship, super light, and fluids, ventilation being impeccable with the room screen. Pay attention as well to the lightness of the materials, plan to invest in an optional floor mats.

One wonders why: concern for relief? Still, its use is reflected in the slightly limited time, but the ventilation level is again very good. A true three seasons tent is ready to host you at the end of the world in the most varied conditions.

Hilleberg – Anjan 2

Hilleberg Anjan 2

Rainfly: Fabric Kerlon 1000: ripstop nylon 20 denier silicone on 2 sides (40g / m²) – waterproof 2000mm

Inner tent: nylon mesh 20 denier ripstop, DWR treated 30 g / m²

Floor: 50 denier nylon, polyurethane-coated 75g / m² – impermeability: 5000mmD 190T, 83 g / m2, PU coated 5000 mm, waterproof finish

Poles: Featherlite NSL 9mm Dac

Dimensions: 2206 x 130 x 100 cm (indoor)

Weight: 1800g

Recommended retail price: € 629

Our opinion: The establishment is quite simply, and more if it is two: the color code, integral room, and canvas formidable stakes. Design side, we like the opportunity by removing just two sardines. Moreover, the fly does not descend to the ground on the sides: permanent and effective ventilation. It also adjusts the millimeter thanks to a system of high-precision adjustable straps, to play on the tension as we see fit. Charming details to finish: wide zippers simple to handle, an internal clothesline at roof level, reflective tape for a night … Available in GT version with a lengthened apse: a nice option for those who seek independence trek along the course and / or cold conditions. Balance sheet, an excellent model … provided you have the means.

Jack Wolfskin – Termite II XT

Flysheet: Polyester 75d, water column: 4000 mm

Inner tent: insect mesh, light mosquito mesh 40d

Floor: 150d ripstop polyester Hydro film (10,000 mm)

Poles: aluminum 7001 T6 9.5 / 9 mm

Dimensions: 220 x 150 x 110 (inside)

Weight: 3028g

Recommended retail price: € 239.95

Our opinion: condensed ingenuity and small details clearly aim to make your life more beautiful, robust materials, to the detriment of weight, unfortunately. This standing offer many generous storage solutions (not less than 6 pockets), a really high room and the form tends allow moving and walking comfortably, a color code auxiliary fitting and well flash stays visible for kilometers to avoid accidents. However, its weight and its large volume compacted surely suit solidarity walker more.

And finally welcome the price: almost unbeatable the service provided.

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