There are now on the market several brands and models from several countries. So that you can have multiple trampolines same size but with different manufacturing qualities. It is then important to consider some basic features for how well buy the best trampolines.

Assuming that you have already pre-determined your budget, the location of your premium trampoline and users of it (only children or adults too?), Here are the criteria that we selected

1- Safety standards

This is large trampoline criteria to look priority, especially if you have planned for use by children.

Trampolines safety standards stipulate that part, hooks and springs trampolines must be completely covered with protective cushions. It must also be equipped with a removable ladder to prevent children from accessing unattended.

Also, make sure the trampoline is a certification like “GS TUV” or Intertek certification. These are certificates that attest to the compliance of your trampoline to the criteria of safety and quality.

2- Size

Before wondering where to buy your trampoline, you should know beforehand who will use and what space you have to install it. Their sizes vary from 185 to 300-305 cm in diameter for small models and between 370-490 cm in diameter for XXL models.

If you have room for a giant trampoline, please. It’s never too big! And with a large “family” model, both adults and children enjoy the activity. Surely, you will become addictive to this relaxing sport that allows you to remove the fatigue of the day!

Check at the same time the maximum load on your model. Ideally, it can support a minimum weight of 100 kg.

3- Trampoline with/without a net?

trampoline-net-sécuritéVous should know if you are going to buy a trampoline net or without a net. The role of the loss is to avoid falls outside the drop zone.

In the case of a product used by children, a model with mesh is preferable. Be careful in this case the quality of the net. This must have very fine mesh for optimal protection. It is preferred that the material used is polypropylene, for strength reasons.

This safety net also requires the presence of a stitched and reinforced zipper to withstand frequent use. Finally, the net can have an aesthetic function as it is a way to preserve some privacy if we have neighbors!

4- The strength of the various parties

Take a trampoline with a substantial reinforcement in high-quality stainless steel. Hot dip galvanized steel or electro galvanized to withstand repeated jumps adults and children.

Also, trampoline garden-filetVérifiez the number of springs provided, size and the material from which they are made. Too much or not enough seasons affect the quality of the jump. This number must be adapted to the size of the jumping mat. Turn to brands like Alice Garden allows not to take risks.

The jumping surface itself must be safe enough to support heavy weights. The process by which it is made determines the quality of the rebound and allow the evacuation of water in case of rain.
The airbags are also security features should not be overlooked because they protect in case of loss of balance towards the outside of the jumping surface.

The security provided is largely dependent on the thickness, width and the absorption capacity of these protective cushions. They preserve the springs of the trampoline of moisture and heat, so guaranteeing the resistance of a large part of the structure over time.

5- The included accessories

One last point to check: the accessories shipped with the product. This would include the model tarpaulin against weather or storage bag for this one if you decided to disassemble the equipment for the winter. With the airbag springs, they are a significant bonus that will ensure the longevity of your trampoline in time!

There is also the fixation pegs that allow root feet on the ground. An option also practical to prevent the wind makes fly your future purchase.

Other activities

Many other hobbies have commonalities with the trampoline: sports, outdoors, fun for younger as the swing. The trampoline provides proprioception of gravity and well prefer the smaller the seesaw to play two. With this stupid game, they become aware of their weight and that of others. Inertia will have no secrets for them. For infants or babies are not pointing the tip of their nose in winter, there are indoor baby swings allowing them to have fun out of the weather. Take a look also to wooden frames and our article on the porch with the slide. As you will see, a swing fitted with a cabin is the perfect combination for our little darlings. More classic than the trampoline, less extreme but equally fun and more adapted to the age of 7.

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