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Safety measures for camping

Safety precautions for camping Camping is a great experience and a unique way to disconnect for a few days in the city and a bit closer to nature. And it is to be in a less controlled environment that is necessary to be proactive and know the basic safety measures for camping in we give to you can plan your trip without any risk.

1. In many countries, there are specially prepared camping areas offering many services in other nations there is less control on the issue, so it is critical to be preventive

2. You install Coleman 8 person tent in a field as flat as possible and never on surfaces that could break down how trees, mangroves, etc. It is also important that your store is cautiously away from the sea or river bank

3. Takes into account the wind when you’re installing the tent, if it is an area where there is too much breeze need to raise your camp to protect you against the wind of it and prevent drag Store

4. Do make campfires and avoid accidents, plain and straightforward. It is far better to bring a portable gas kitchen light a fire because it could spin out of control or be badly off and cause a fire

5. If you decide to make a campfire at least tries to be away from the shops because a spark could be the start of a fire, again the recommendation is to avoid

6. Always carry a first-aid kit with the essentials, plus a mobile phone with charged battery, a compass, a GPS and a map of the area where you find the nearest villages marked

7. Stay in group and solo exploring avoids if you do not know the area where you go camping if you do remember to take your bearings methods that allow you to return safely to the campsite

8. Always carry enough non-perishable food such as canned and plenty of water to stay properly hydrated. It is also advisable to consult the weather forecast for the days you plan to camp

9. Do not camp in prohibited sites as you could spend an unpleasant experience. Established camping areas have minimal supervision of the authorities and in theory, are safe spaces, so it is best to respect the rules and limit yourself to these areas

10. Never leave the city to camp without informing any family member or friend how prevention method. Informs where you go, at which point plan to camp and when you plan your return

Tips: Follow these simple safety rules will allow you to enjoy your trip without risk

How to choose a good campsite

Good weather, holidays or the need to spend more time in the midst of nature are excellent reasons to go camping. It is essential to know the safety measures for camping, and so spend some fantastic days; also in we give you a few tips on how to choose a good campsite.

1. Search a regular ground and clear in that you can quickly assemble your store. Clean the branches or stones that may be in the area, to create a suitable surface. You can read this article to learn how to plant a tent safely.

2. Avoid low-lying areas or those who may be natural channels of water in case of rain, such as dry riverbeds. You could wake up drenched or, in the event of heavy rain, be in danger.

3. It is also preferred an area with a dry grass and sandy because the latter has more risk of becoming a marshy or unstable ground in case of rain and would not be a good place to camp.

4. If you go camping on the beach, consider the tides. In some areas, such as in northern Spain, sea height varies considerably between high tide and low. If the sand is wet, do not Suites in this field. We recommend you consult our article How to find free camping areas in Spain to find different places for camping enabled.

5. Always look for a camping area that has more or less near a source of drinking water. Still, it would be good with you always Guevara’s drinking water, along with other essential elements that you will see in our article What should I bring to camp.

6. If you are in a camping area where there are toilets, showers, and other common areas, it is best not to camp next door. Although it may seem the best area, because you will not have to go far to take a shower or go to the bathroom is not a good place to camp because you are exposed to noise and odors.

7. Consider the elements must avoid both the store is all day in the sun, since the reheat, as in the shade, because you could spend a lot of cold at night, as the wind opposite the entrance store.

8. The wind can be a major inconvenience to have a good camp, so the stakes ensure excellently and confirm that you have elements in your environment to function as an excellent windbreak. Trees are good braking the impact of wind, but you can if not always resort to artificial windbreaks.

9. Also, do not light fires or barbecues unless there is a conditioned for it and never, under any circumstances zone, you leave the fire unattended. We recommend you read the article on types of fire on a camping trip so that you know all the details.

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