There are many types of tents:


Dome tents (also called cupolas – the best family tent) are by heir weight and small size very convenient for active hiking and cycling holidays as a shelter for festival goers and as a small tent for children. A dome is a round tent with three-pole or two which intersect at the top of the tent while the other pole is the ‘postage for the nematode. These tents are also called arc pole tents. Incidentally, there are domes with two-pole; These are or at the cheaper types used as a small tent. A tunnel tent useful makes use of arch poles, but synthesis run parallel to each other.

Advantages of a dome

Of all types or small tent bit a dome or at the most space. Unlike other tents with one or two sticks, there are no poles in the tent or for the exit. Through the use of the arch, poles bias to the tent itself. Because cupolas tensioned May be sufficient, They are quite wind resistant. We recommends using it as much as possible.

The disadvantage of a dome tent is that they are a kettle to set up in Proportion as the size Increases from the tent. In a tunnel, tent plays the ‘problem’ less.

Dome as an additional shelter for children. Dome tents are useful used widely used as a small tent for children. When buying on the size of the tent. It’s nice When the tent bit extra space so that there is enough room for storage of toys and books for example.

Tunnel Tent

Through the use of arch Becomes a tunnel tent poles, like a dome, also known as arc tent pole. A tunnel tent is set up with arch poles That run parallel to each other. The tent is being put with guy ropes and pegs. The structure and form a tunnel tent offering a roomy interior. In the larger arc tents, several at cabins can be hung or zipped. Also, a tunnel tent awning much space. These properties ensure That the tunnel tent Especially Has Many fans among families.

Benefits of a tunnel tent

A tunnel tent is quick and easy to set up, even by a single person. That makes this type of shelter, provided with a polyester canvas fabric, also Suitable to pull it around. A tunnel tent does not take much space and the use of aluminum or fiberglass poles little weight. Enabling you to hang the inner tent in the outer tent, inner tent stays dry When the rain tent intent or breaks. The White Schijndel advises, in general, to remove the tent to give out and hang it in again after the tent was set up.

Vis-a-vis tent

A vis-à-vis tent is a simple tunnel tent, but only the sleeping cabins are not next to each other facing eachother and between them a (small) living space. This camping tent is ideal for families with older children who want to sleep in a tent with each other but need a room for himself. But for families where the parents want to sleep in a separate room in front of the children, is a fish-to-fish very appropriateness.

Large assortment dome and tunnel tents. Are you planning to buy a dome? At The White Schijndel, you can find a full range of dome tents, but useful tunnel and vis-à-vis tents. Modern domes are the Kenya Safari, the Cortina Bardani, and Rock Springs Coleman.


Pyramid tent

The Pyramid tent HAS long leg regarded as the successor to the ever so popular tent. But now the tunnel tent HAS supplanted the pyramid tent campgrounds.

A pyramid tent Usually HAS built a frame of three standing poles, possibly mutually connected by horizontal tubes. The rear deck is the longest, so the place gets a pyramid shape. This form pyramid tent is very storm-proof; Pyramid tent is also called ‘storm shelter.

Advantages of a pyramid tent

A pyramid tent Has A practical layout with one or more bedrooms and a separate living space. The tent also makes it attractive as a family tent. The tent is more storm resistant and Usually extremely robust, making him long life and a positive image. Many people ‘fall’ also for the shape of a pyramid tent. Pyramid tents or at fixed or have a zip-in groundsheet. When a rainstorm so you do not suffer from a wet tent. But useful insects and other “reduced”, you Remain outside.

Disadvantages of a pyramid tent

A problem of a pyramid tent on, for example, a tunnel tent Is that the headroom is limited. He has to put on heavier and more Difficult, and you need a bigger area to rid the shelter.

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