Trampolines are considered a great source of fun and exercise for children. However, thousands of people are injured on trampolines each year. Injuries can occur even if the best trampoline has installed a protective mesh and has padded protectors and in the very presence of the parents.

Common injuries

Thousands of people are injured on trampolines each year. Most of these injuries occur in trampolines installed in the house. Children under six years have the highest risk of harm.

Common injuries include:

  • Bone fracture (sometimes requires surgery)
  • Concussions and other injuries to the skull
  • Sprains / strains
  • Bruises, abrasions, and lacerations
  • Neck injury and spinal cord (which can lead to permanent paralysis or death)

How injuries occur: Most injuries occur when more than one person using or jumping on the trampoline.

How can it hurt children:

  • Landing badly when jumping
  • Landing wrong when you are attempting somersaults and pirouettes (these should not be allowed due to their risk of neck injuries and head).
  • Collide with another person
  • Falling or jumping off the trampoline
  • They land on the springs or the frame

Do not buy a trampoline for your home! Trampolines are trendy and are a fun way to exercise, but there are other safer ways to encourage their children to practice physical activity as it is to play ball, cycling (with links protective helmet), or participate in a team sport.

We recommend that mini-trampolines and regular size not installed in homes, in regular exercise classes or playgrounds. These should only be used in supervised training gymnasts, diving or other competitive sports programs. You should only allow a person to jump at a time.

If you decide to buy a trampoline for your home, the AAP recommends that you take the following precautions:

  • Jump only when it is being watched by an adult
  • Jump allow only one person at a time
  • Do not permit pirouettes
  • Install protective padding as recommended and are in good condition
  • Check equipment frequently
  • Replace the protective padding, protective mesh or any other piece when faulty.

Parents should check their insurance policy for home and obtain coverage for trampoline-related injuries if they are not included in the primary system.

Trampoline with exclusive buying tips

Trampolines are a great combination of fun and exercise for children. The two important things to consider before buying a trampoline safety and fitness.

Security measures:

1) Checks are sewing the entire path and see when sewn on a seam several times in a zig-zag pattern.
2) Verifies the Trampolinefedern to ensure that they are stable, and will not break in use.
3) Children under the age of six should not be allowed to use the trampoline.
4) Adult supervision is always a good idea, especially with young children.
5) A safety net keeps children from the hard fall to the floor.

Prerequisite: There are many different types of trampolines. The right to choose, which should be no problem if you know what you are looking for.

Some tips and Trampoline Types are as follows.

1) diameter trampoline is the first thing to consider. Trampoline expand in size 3-14 feet.
2) If you are concerned about the height of the trampoline then, given the mini trampoline with net, which is only a few meters above the ground.
3) Around designed trampolines are used mostly for fun and exercise. This keeps the jumper wire near the center, so they are a safer option. Rectangular Trampoline jumping is made higher. Turner made use rectangle trampolines.

Mini trampoline with net: The recessed surface of the trampoline and 16 centimeters above the ground in conjunction with the network, making it a safer option for parents who worry about their children falling the trampoline mat. The entire structure is supported by three pairs of rods supporting the attack in the external frame of the trampoline. While reading about the main features of a trampoline with net, it’s a good idea to check for restraint bars are covered with padding. May cause injury without reinforcing rods. The mini trampoline has a height of 6 meters with the net in the right place. The network has straps that attach to the trampoline and a zipper for access.

The trampoline is round. 8 Foot Trampoline with net enclosure and UV protection: This trampoline is for people who are willing to spend a little extra money for added safety and durability. The entire surface of the trampoline is 8 meters in diameter by 6 foot 3 inches, which are designed around, jump appears. 6 meters means that a decent, which is low word net after the jump size looks. It has wider safety margin than normal, thus improving the safety factor.

The durability is increased by factor I mentioned UV protective material sewn onto the top of the jumping, will appear. Therefore, when you UV protection your trampoline in an empty shaded area, it is something to keep in mind while buying. The jumping mat is equipped with 48-7 inch springs.

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