If you go, take naturally prefer your bed on holiday but not always fit with the rest of the luggage. Good sleep is crucial, especially on vacation, of course. If you are not sleeping well, or broken wake, it affects your day and so your holiday. Fortunately, there is plenty of development in the world of sleeping on site.

You can choose from a variety of sleeping options. For example, some people like to sleep on an air mattress, but others swear by an inflatable. The differences between these options we have explained below put to you. Also, remember to make a camping food list

Perhaps the best-known option to sleep in the tent, airbed. The great air mattress only has a few drawbacks. He is, for example, cold and when you and your partner together on an air mattress sleep you’ve every time turns around the feeling that you launched. Fortunately all sorts of solutions for this. There exist, for example, air mattresses with two air chambers, one on either side. This blows you away from each other. So you can sleep quietly as the other turns around.

Another disadvantage of an air mattress is that it is not insulating. This allows you the night feeling cold, but it is also possible that for example, you have to urinate more frequently or that you will suffer from stiff muscles. But here’s a solution: you can bring extra insulation for under your mattress. Besides the additional insulation can also be a unique cover to make your air mattress. This makes it immediately more comfortable to sleep on!

When it was introduced the self-inflatable mat, he was especially fragile and designed for lightweight campers. This was also noticeable in the comfort of the clothes. They were often thin and were not nearly as good as your bed at home. Meanwhile, in the field of inflatables developed a lot of news. There is now even inflatables 10 cm thick! For these mats are covers available that make more comfortable the rug? Isolating the mat is not necessary because the mat itself insulates all right. In contrast to an air mattress, this bed is filled with stagnant air which covers naturally fine.

The disadvantage of the inflatable is that it is large to carry. This mat comes in many different shapes and sizes, often it depends on your priorities, which mat is best for you. Need example backpacking and must join the mat on your back? Then you want a small package and deliver you prefer something on pack size. You might go out again less than does the volume of the box with the car on vacation and choose the greatest comfort.

A new trend in the field of sleep at the camp are the mega mats. These have all the advantages of the two above options. Mega Mats are air mattresses with a filling. This padding ensures that the air remains stationary so that the mat insulates well. Because the sauce is not so thick remains the size of the package small.

Buy your tent or caravan

A mobile home, beautiful glamping tent or rent is, of course, easy but especially in the high season, you pay actually for the top prize. Having your tent or caravan is in the long run often a lot cheaper. And it’s a bit depending on the camping means that you choose, but if you are camping, you have to return regularly on investment within a few years. Also, it gives me a nice feeling to just build your house yourself started. It gives me a sense of freedom.

Buy itself, in the long run, cheaper, but sharing is more beneficial. The sub-economy is emerging. My in-laws have for years had a trailer with another couple. Together bought, they voted every year the holidays each other just as they shared the costs. Like many neighbors do with the newspaper. Share on a larger scale is now possible via the Internet. More and more websites where people make their caravans, trailer tents or campers to rent offer. A kind Airbnb for campers. Useful if you do not know that you can borrow, still want to try out a camper or simply do not want to worry about maintenance and shelter of your home.

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